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One on One with LaVerne. will always give though to all question before answering and will stand true to the answerWhat is your program?
My program is focused on the everyday person who would like to become active in the sports of cycling and walking.  Whatever your goal is, I will be there to support you.  My philosophy is to provide a supportive, cheerful, friendly and helpful environment toward safe and satisfying bicycling and walking.  I believe in fun, and I can guarantee you that you will embrace this kind of fitness with a sense of “I can do this” each and every time you get on your bicycle or lace your shoes. Your fitness program will be specifically customized for your abilities and goals.
Am I too out of shape or too old to do this?
Any one, at any age and in any shape can ride a bicycle and walk.  It is a great way to  improve your physical fitness. As you gain confidence and improve on your skill level, your strength and endurance will also improve. This will not happen overnight, but before you know it you will feel better and be able to see your improvement.
How often should I ride?
I would suggest that you ride at least twice a week to start. Once with me, to learn the basics about cycling and once in your neighborhood to practice and reinforce what you have learned.
Where will we ride?
There are numerous rides in the entire valley that are traffic friendly for  beginner riders.  I will select a course that is appropriate for your skill level.  I will customize a riding schedule with you to determine what works best for both of us.
What kind of bicycle will I need?
You will need a functioning bicycle that has at least a handful of gears and hand brakes.  I suggest you have a bike shop service your bicycle before starting individual session with me. You will also be required to wear a helmet for safety purposes.  Make sure you get a new helmet that fits your head properly.  These can be purchased at any bike store throughout the valley.
How far will we ride and for how long?
This will all depend on you, your goals and abilities.  Most beginner riders will start with a modest amount of miles as we focus on safety, riding techniques and confidence.  Eventually, nearly all riders will be able to ride 20+ miles on any given day.
Who will ride with me?
I will always ride with you.  Since you will be riding at your own pace, I will either ride by your side or be behind you to make sure you are safe and in good company.
Where will we walk?
We can start our walk from various places around the valley. The difficulty of the walk will be determined on your ability.
contact me: LaVerne@oneononewithlaverne.com    602-5651839
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